Insomnia is the most common sleep disorder; almost all adults have experienced insomnia, at least for one night. This becomes a problem when sleepless nights persist and affects daytime health and functioning. Individuals with significant insomnia may experience fatigue, sleepiness, irritability, poor memory, and difficulty focusing during the waking hours. More serious manifestations can include anxiety, depression and even psychosis-like episodes.

Many different things can contribute to and or promote insomnia. Medications, life changes, stresses, irregular hours, alcohol, environment, and illness are some of the more common causes.

The longer insomnia persists the more resistant to therapy it may become. Consequently, if insomnia is affecting your life it is important to seek help as there are very effective treatments for improving and resolving insomnia. The experts at DSM Sleep Specialists can help you find the most appropriate therapy for you.

Our DSM Sleep Specialists experts specialize in the treatment of all types of sleep disorders