Life is short. Time is precious. You’ve got things to do and places to be. Feeling your best and sleeping well is your first step to achieving your goals. DSM Sleep Specialists PLC was created in 2018 by a group of Sleep Medicine providers. While practicing medicine in a corporate environment for many years, we witnessed the barriers present in healthcare and how it affected patients personally and medically. We began to envision a care model that was customized, transparent, convenient, high quality, and cost effective. This led to the creation of DSM Sleep Specialists.

At DSM Sleep Specialists, we have created a care model that places you at the top of our priority list. Our staff is friendly, highly trained and experienced, and here to help with your health needs. From prior authorizations and cost confirmation for sleep study testing and treatments, to convenient scheduling, appointment times and office communications, the DSM Sleep Specialists team is here to help navigate your needs. Our experienced clinical nursing staff, respiratory therapists, and sleep technicians provide the resources needed to achieve your best long-term outcomes. Our sleep providers are truly experts in the field, are Sleep Medicine fellowship trained and board certified, and exclusively practice Sleep Medicine. We treat all sleep disorders in pediatric and adult patients. Our sleep center has state of the art technology and equipment. Because we are a freestanding Sleep Center and allow direct, self-referrals, we are able to pass the cost savings to our patients. We additionally work with multiple hospital systems in Iowa to make testing and treatment convenient for those who live a distance away from Des Moines. We strongly believe in patient education, empowerment, service, and supporting our local communities.

Our processes are streamlined, direct, and with less hassle. We are a local company that supports Iowa. All services are under 1 roof, with 1 telephone system, and with 24-hour call service. Our forms and requests are online for you to complete at your convenience or can be mailed to you. We accept most major insurances as well as affordable cash pay options for those without insurance coverage.

Gone are the days when you don’t have a choice about medical care. We believe in placing the power in the hands of the patient and look forward to helping you achieve your best sleep!

Our Providers

Our team of board-certified sleep specialists is comprised of three physicians and one physician assistant. Our patient first philosophy promotes the best quality of care to regain control of your sleep. By staying up to date with the latest research and technology in Sleep Medicine, our expertise will make your dreams of sleep a reality.

Our DSM Sleep Specialists experts specialize in the treatment of all types of sleep disorders